Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Renowned Fashion Blogger, Face Hunter, Coming to UC Berkeley!

Wondering why all of a sudden Sproul has been taken over by photographers eagerly snapping pictures at passing students?  Well, fashion lovers and blog surfers, we have an exciting answer for you!  Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) and BARE Magazine are proud to announce through this blog that internationally-known street style blogger the Face Hunter ( will be coming to UC Berkeley!  The Face Hunter will participate in a fashion forum discussing the ways the Internet has changed fashion publications, blogging, street style, and consuming patterns in the age of Web 2.0.  The event will take place on Thursday, November 11th, from 6-8:30 PM in, in the Great Hall at the Bancroft Hotel (corner of College and Bancroft by Caffe Strada).  The Face Hunter will also be joined on stage by four renowned and esteemed members of the San Francisco fashion community; to establish some buzz and excitement about the fashion event of the season, we will be announcing the names of these four individuals in the coming weeks through this blog.  And so YOU can catch street style fever, look out for FAST and BARE's team of photographers on Sproul these next couple of weeks--they will be taking pictures of Berkeley's fashion-finest and adding them to our own street style blog, the Bear Hunter!

Check back often as we continue the hunt for the best of Berkeley street style, and unveil who else will join the Face Hunter on stage at our fashion forum on Thursday, November 11th!